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ACTUATECH attention in Covid-19 pandemic control has not stopped: our commitment is permanent and that is why today we re-conducted the Serological Test on all our employees (as previously done in May 2020). (continue...)

Since the start of the Covid-19 emergency in mid-February in Italy, ACTUATECH has been responsibly moving on two different fronts to protect the health of its employees and to guarantee the continuity of deliveries and services to its customers. (continue...)

About 190 rapid IgG / IgM tests (so-called "lancing test") have been performed by CDS DIAGNOSTICA STRUMENTALE SRL : results could be read after 10 minutes and immediately followed by blood sampling for Quantitative Serological Test in case of positive examination.
These tests are just a last evidence of the multiple actions in the implemented ACTUATECH and OMAL health emergency management (continues...)